“Check oot the fresh keelo-meeter of pooder”

Let’s face it. We can make fun of Canadians all we want. But at some point we need to realize. Canadians are better than us. They got better weed. They got better pooder. They got better backcountry. They got better health care. They got metric.
O.k… Maybe they aren’t “better than us”, but they definitely live a very high quality of life.  Not to mention, they fucking rule.

Whitewater goes off. We hit that bitch on a full fledged blood bath pooder day. Make sure you check that place oot. The most ripping cliff and pillow lines right under the lift. It was full speed launch-a-jewea. After that day, I could have gone home. Or maybe even died happily. But not before I experienced the legend of Bald face.

Let’s back it up. The main objective of this trip was for Guch and Parillo to attend the annual guide training up at Bald Face. Parillo was too busy hitting “print”, and couldn’t make the trip. That’s where my lucky lottery ticket comes in. Actually, what it truly comes down to is, Guch probably didn’t want to drive up there by himself. And most of our friends can’t even get into Canada. To make a long story a little less long, my squeaky clean passport got me a ticket to ride. And Parillo’s busy schedule.

The rooms.

After a boat, a truck and a cat, I found myself in the winter version of “Gilligan’s Island“.  This place is unreal.  When you look around and see how fucking in the middle of nowhere it is, you wonder how the hell this joint was rigged up.  I mean, this took a serious vision.  Not only externally, but internally as well.  The way they run this place blows my mind.  What they bring to this planet is good deed.  Yes, it’s mostly for people who have a few grand to blow on cat shredding.  But those are some of the people who need it the most.  And everyone knows, you got to pay to play.  Unless of coarse, you know Guch.

The owner Jeff Pensiero said it the best.  (loosely quoted)  ” If every person on this planet could come up here, forget about the petty shit, and shred unadulterated  fresh pow in the middle of nowhere, our world would be a better place.  People would treat each other with respect.”  I couldn’t agree more.

After I watched Jeff put his snowboard pants on backwards, I tagged along with him in the cat for the cat driver’s “final exam”.  This exam mostly was an excuse for the boss to ride powder.  Which is in my eyes, is a very noble objective for a company owner.   This dude has it made.  And I imagine it wasn’t easy.

We took 3 runs.  Which I know for a fact wasn’t even the best terrain they had to offer, not even close.  Obviously, they aren’t going to track up all the best shit before the first paying customers even arrive.  But after 20 years of shredding, I will say with the ultimate confidence, that these were by far, PRETTY DANG FUN.

More beautiful than God’s vagina.


3 Responses

  1. Love the gods vag comment!

  2. EPIC!

  3. finally, a post that i can understand
    peace oot.

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