Bald Face Day 2

So, well. Shit.  Chilled around the lodge today.  Took advantage of Bald Face’s transceiver practice field and did some timed rescues.  Read some shit.  Watched some movies.  Basically just killed time and waited for Jeff to swing through and tell me to get my shit together and hit the Cat.  But I fell asleep.  The entire afternoon.  And I missed the sunny pow day.  Oh well.  I’m so fuckin sore from all the pow and also tired as fuck from not getting proper sleep fro the past 3 weeks.  It was all good when they rang the dinner bell.

Guch borrowed my camera, so I borrowed a shot.

This is Jeff and Guch.  Jeff owns the joint and rides more pow than you.

Fuckin pumped on supper.

The food up here is just as good as the pow.

Taking off tomorrow.  Really sad.  It was too good to be true anyway.  Met some truly inspiring people.  Come up and see for yourself.  This place is no joke and must be experienced through your own eyes.


2 Responses

  1. Better than Taco with Chorizo?

  2. fuck yea willie.

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