Bald Face Day 1

I feel kinda bad.  Guch brought me up here as a guest, and I’m out riding pow with the boss.  While he’s out training like a navy seal.  But I’m sure he’s having fun.  And I’m sure he’ll get his turn in the CAT.  But WOW.  I thought I had a blessed life as a snowboarder.  But these dudes up here really got it made.  Anyway, didn’t really get any good pics but here’s a few anyway.  Maybe I’ll upload some goggle cam later.

Inside the lodge.

Outside the lodge.

After the first run.

I haven’t even been here a whole day and I’ve met some truly rad people and ridden some of the best powder in my life.

More to come…


One Response

  1. You look happier than a two peckered billy goat in mating season in that last shot.

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