L.A. Trip

I shuffled some papers in the office and hit the Concrete Jungle.  Met up with Firer Fighter trainer, company owner, math doing, all around powerhouse, Kurt Wastell in SLC.

Wastell SLC Airport

Kurt was optimizing his flight time with a little homework.

Dropped into the Fuel T.V. Studios for a little interview.  Daily Habit with Solid Snowboards and Bluebirdwax.  Airing Soon.

Filling out necessary pre-interview documents.

I never have seen Gwar play.  Nor did I ever expect to at 11 in the morning.

The Fuel Crew is Legit.  The whole experience was pleasant.  And I  got to prove to myself I could be on T.V. sober and not say fuck.

Mucho thanks to everyone at Fuel for giving us an opportunity to stay in the game.

Pretty bummed Kurt had to cut it short.  Really stoked he found time for the cause.

Ron Bureta aint even taking the picture and he still has 3 chins.  Don’t listen to Drago, Solid is back!

Next on said journey, Ron and I cruise up to see the Liberty Boardshop homeys.  To connect some people and re-connect some people.

Liberty Team rider, John Makens drove out of  The Whale’s Vagina just to purposely hurt his lungs.

Matt Oconner could very well be, “The Tightest Homey Known to Man”.

This is Rob.  There are two Robs.  And two Matts.  This Rob makes all the dope ass artwork for Liberty.  He is also a tight homey.

Forrest Shearer aint gonna pass up free  hangover night, Sponsored by Liberty Boardshop.

This is the “other” Matt.  Which is pretty lame to say since he owns the fuckin shop. Turbo Homey for life.

These guys don’t get out much.

On your left is Rob#1, which you met earlier.  On the right is Rob#2.

Rob#2 was supplying the majority of the night’s entertainment.

And it looks like he was fixin to make some sort of purchase.

Pro skater, homey for life, Liberty Team Rider and employee, and co-owner of sml Wheels.  James Craig.

Check out James’ Blind part in “What If?”

These guys are going for maximum hangover amplitude.

I fuckin love these guys.  Please support real ass homeys who know what the fuck is up.

Thanks to everyone at Fuel T.V. , Liberty Boardshop and Solid, for a really good time.




One Response

  1. i am still hungover…still burping up scotch.
    damn you willie!

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