Recipe for Gayness

Jackson Hole is about to be officially blown out.

Very sad.  Some deuche from L.A. is planning on making a TV show in Jackson this winter based on ski bums.


“Ski Bum”  This could be you!!!!!!!

Yes, it will be scripted.  Sweet.  A scripted documentary/reality show?

I can’t wait to see what kind of horribly boney dialogue is achieved out of this.  What a fucking joke.

Fuck off and die kooks.

Way to sell out Jackson Hole and embarrass the shit out of yourselves…

Stick to making lame T.V.shows about shopping.



5 Responses

  1. May they all get toothpicks in their peeholes.

  2. just think you will have this bullshit floating around the hole in no time:

  3. Lame! Im gonna punch em when I see them.

  4. You got to be kidding me- i moved from LA fake BULLSHIT to mountains at 20 and i’d never turn back!
    I feel for you.

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