Sponsor Me Video of the Week

Picture 3



6 Responses

  1. Fuck you little powder fags… I rode your mom down a rail.

    • the only rails you’ll catch me doin are the ones off your mom’s titties

  2. Yeah tough waxy man… come to Mass you cant fuck with the East Coast. Rails+Tables+Pipe+Michelob Ultra Light=Man. Put on some pants that fit fucker and stay in the trees bitches, more park for me.

    • I got a sponsor… caps,stems,koosh, your mom and pabst. Come see me LIVE JP and all the fuckin real ass Pabst packin powder grubbin thug honkeys on the Tram early, Tiger Tail Later and Milli tommorrow.
      Utah Powder Makes Your Dick Bigger. Wyomings not far away. Peace Ouutt!!!

      • I take it back Jackson is a strong number one, Snowbird 2. I had no idea. Cant wait to get me some… Fuck!

  3. Maybe the Tombstone Kid will sponsor him.

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