Video Review-“BLOOD”


Zach Hooper just sent me a copy of “Blood”.  If you are looking to watch little boys in tights prance around on handrails, this film is not for you.  And yes, it’s actually a film which means it was shot in mostly 16mm.  So next time you make a shitty movie with your P2, don’t call it a film.  I’m sorry, but film just looks so damn good.  P2’s look sick and all, but I like film and I wish we had the budget to shoot our next movie with it.

Starring Wyatt and Cory Stasinos, and Mikkel Bang.  This movie is what I miss about shred flicks.  They didn’t follow any corporate formulas that many shred flick makers find themselves drowning in.  Instead, they handpicked a truly great soundtrack and didn’t use “free” music.  Because free music=shitty music, unless your friends make it.

Please go out and find this movie.  You will like it.  And if you don’t, you are not a real snowboarder and should stab yourself in the throat or jam an umbrella up your dickhole and then open it.


5 Responses

  1. hear the tree riding is off the hook.

  2. bluebird is the best company attitude ever.

    im on the search for this as of right….. now.

  3. where can i find this?

  4. If you are looking for this video, email this dude—-

  5. or buy it on bluebirds website now!

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