Since moving the office upstairs, the Bluebird house has come alive with the evidence of small but steady growth.  My old office turned into the new packaging center, and the old packaging center turned into the new staging sight.  What the hell is a “staging sight”?  Well officer, this is where we “stage” orders that are packed, but not ready to go.  And by not ready to go, I mean the shop hasn’t paid us yet.  It is similar to a drug deal.  No money, no wax.  Last time I checked, we weren’t a bank, and are not in the business of loaning people money.  Especially people who have more of it than we do.  So for now, Pay pal, or cod.  COD sucks because we still take the risk of the shop sending the stuff back to us.  Then we get hosed with the shipping.  Pay pal rules because our company doesn’t have to write your credit card number down on a napkin and then lose it in downtown Beirut.  They should call it “Pay Up, Pal”


The new “Packaging Center”.  We use Plantable Seed boxes, and biodegradable shrink wrap.  You will see all that on the new shit hitting shops right now.  If you don’t already know.  You plant these boxes in the ground and they grow wild flowers and herbs.  And we also use biodegradable bubble wrap.  


I forgot to mention.  The old “Dining Room” turned into the new “Band Room”.


The “Shipping Department” is still only that.  He’ll get promoted soon.


November orders.  Dicey.

Now October is looking a little more promising.



More October.



Part of the Japan order.  

Much respect to the crew at Advance Marketing.  They helped keep us alive.  And every bar of wax you buy, supports dudes like us doing shit like this.

So guilt trip your parents into letting you borrow their credit card and head on over to http://www.bluebirdsales.com


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