I just got these two VHS movies sent to me by team rider Chad Otterstrom.  Jason Moriarty made these back in the day here in Jackson.  Back when nobody really gave a shit about Jackson or the riders.  These are classic vids with great soundtracks.  Really early footage of us as youngsters with pretty embarrassing skits.  I need to find a VCR so I can upload these to the web.  The first one has a pic of me on the cover shot by John Layshock behind Targhee Resort.  He had a knack for making things look big.  We were with the Solid team that day.  Even Tarquin was there.  Anyway, try to get your hands on these vids.  I need the first one “The Goods”.  Super old.  I will try to get these online soon.






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  1. Fuck Yeah. I used to watch Paparazzi religiously at this skate/snow shop I worked at in Logan Utah. I was pumped because Dave Smellie had a part in it and also there was a super good bar scene where someone dressed up as a bunny or some shit got a chick to show the camera their tits. If I remember right they were pretty good tits too. Oh yeah I think Scotty Wittlake had some footage too. Sick, I hope you can upload these to the web for sure.

  2. This is what I want for christmas please.

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